SCIT's mission is to provide quality programs that are sound in concept, implemented by a competent and dedicated faculty, and geared to serve those seeking the foundation required to build a career in their chosen fields. The program emphasizes hands on training based on the needs of industry and provides a wider perspective of general knowledge, thus developing the insight, diversity, and understanding needed to better function in society, provide leadership, and become a better, more confident citizen in the community. SCIT helps to develop the potential and talent, which will provide for personal and professional growth, while meeting personal objectives and goals. The college provides a learning atmosphere that develops attitudes, disciplines, and skills consistent with the needs of the local community and society in general. Lifelong learning is encouraged and supported by faculty through individual encouragement, attention, effective teaching techniques, and regularly scheduled evaluations. SCIT offers a curriculum that is current with trends as well as technological advancements. We also encourage and support ethnic and cultural diversity in the faculty, staff, and student body of the school thus enriching the overall learning environment.